Back in the 1960s, Peel produced the smallest production cars in the world, but sadly they had to close up shop in 1966. Fast forward to today and the company has received a fresh round of funding to relaunch their most popular vehicles with all-electric engines! The Peel P50 measures just 54 inches long and 41 inches wide – and it’s a top contender for the world’s cutest electric car.

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With styling that looks like it came out of The Jetsons cartoon, the Peel 50 has a bubble-topped body that looks way cooler going down the street than other electric cars. Its sibling the Peel Trident has a more upright body and it can hold two passengers, whereas the Peel 50 only has room for the driver.

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With a three horsepower electric motor, neither the Peel P50 or Trident will be able to zoom past a Tesla Model S, but the vehicles’ 15-mile range and compact exteriors makes them perfect for dense cities like San Francisco or New York. Both models are street legal in the UK and US, but they aren’t cheap – with pricing starting at £12,999 ($21,575 US).

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