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Construction on the exhibition and studio space began back in 2007 and has slowly progressed over the years with the addition of the containers. The exhibition space is composed of 5 shipping containers, with four stacked in a row two stories high and the fifth forming the storefront at the street. Stairs and bridges connect the ground floor to the second floor and a large landscaped courtyard space provides a common area for meetings, gatherings and performances. The courtyard makes use of recycled tires as planters and succulents fill the space with green.

The space is now wholly functioning and has, for over a year, maintained a “gallery, hosted exhibitions, and provided free workspace and amenities for students, artists, architects, designers, scholars, and activists committed to improving the community.”  Currently the organization is hosting summer labs for grade-school through college level students to educate on a wide range of topics including photography, video-making, construction, hydroponic gardening, and critical thinking skills as potent tools for urban analysis, public art, and environmental sustainability. The longterm goal is of course economic sustainability for the organization, but currently they are seeking financial assistance for their summer workshops through Kickstarter. Additional funds will go towards supporting underprivileged students, classroom furniture, and media equipment.

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