The light bulb has come a long way since Edison introduced the carbon filament back in 1879. Even within the last couple of years, we have seen improvements in the modern LED light, including the futuristic smart-phone controlled LIFX and Lighting Science Group’s bulbs that can be controlled via smartphone. Now, we can add the Phillips hue, a new web-enabled LED system that will be offered exclusively through Apple. Each hue kit will contain three bulbs that are able to fit into any standard socket, and a bridge that connects them through wireless routers. Users will be able to control the hue by iOS or Android phones, allowing them to customize their home lighting experiences, change the hue’s color, and manage daily schedules for maximum efficiency.

Available for the first time for mass production, the Philips hue is able to bring high-tech, customizable lighting to the home and office. Not your grandparents’ boring old one-size-fits-all incandescent, the hue is able to be tuned to over 16 million colors in addition to a rendering index of over 90 in the white range. The hue can even mimic exact shades by taking a photo and dropping the color into the downloadable application for Android or iOS phones. Schedules can be set according to daily routines such as shutting lights on and off when not at home or gently increasing in intensity as the user wakes up in the morning. One hue kit is able to manage up to 50 separate devices, letting the user manage an entire home from wherever they can access the Internet. At 8.5 watts, the hue is nearly 80% more efficient than traditional fixtures.

A single bulb with cost $59.95, and a three-bulb starter kit retails for $199.95 through the Apple Store.

+ Philips

Via Clean Technica