Eco-celebrity David de Rothschild has decided to show the world what to do with its discarded plastic bottles. For his recent project, the Plastiki Expedition, the adventurous environmentalist plans to build a 60-foot boat made out entirely out of recycled materials and then sail it across the entire Pacific Ocean! The ambitious excursion aims to capture the world’s imagination while drawing attention to the state of our oceans, the idea of waste, and the unacceptable reality of pollution.

The Plastiki Expedition will carry David de Rothschild from San Francisco to Australia over the course of four months. The voyage will encounter a number of environmentally sensitive regions, including the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a well-known region of the ocean that has accumulated an expanse of garbage about twice the size of Texas.

True to its name, the Plastiki will be crafted almost entirely from reclaimed plastic bottles, and will be capable of generating it’s own energy and fresh water, and treating all of its waste. And of course, once the trip is finished, the boat can simply be recycled.

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Via National Geographic