Even when you are trying to get away from it all during a camping trip, chances are you will still need to charge an electronic device. To keep those cell phones and head lamps powered up, the PowerPot uses the heat from changing water temperature to generate electricity. Helping to multitask as well as reduce the space required for a bundle of chargers, the travel cooker is also an excellent way for those living without electricity to operate their gadgets while remaining off the grid.

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The PowerPot uses a thermo-electric differential transducer to harness the power of changing water temperatures within the pot. To operate, simply fill the pot at least halfway with fluid and plug in the regulating cable and close the handles to guide it away from the heat. Then, place the pot on top of a heat source such as a gas camp stove. Wait for for the green indicator light to appear on the cord, and you are ready to charge your USB devices with 5 watts of power.

The PowerPot V starts at $149, and can be upgraded to include a USB cord and lightweight stove. Accessories such as a Petzl Tikka Headlamp, 5 LED USB light, and lithium battery, and CamelBak water purification system can also be purchased through the store. Donations to give a PowerPot to empower those living without electricity can be made through the official website.


Via Springwise