Prefab Green-Roofed SAYAB Residential Complex Has an Infinite Lifecycle

Luis Garrido’s design was implemented by IC Prefabricados, and received, according to the designer, a Gold Medal in environmental responsibility from the Fundación América Sostenible. It’s easy to see why. Though the construction materials were kept deliberately simple to ensure the project’s low cost, this social housing complex is exceptionally energy efficient and very attractive inside.

The somewhat bland external cladding received a colorful fix in the form of painted balconies. Natural lighting, ventilation, and communal space is derived from strategically placed cut outs, while solar and geothermal energy provide what little power is needed. A prolific designer, Garrido has applied the full weight of his sustainable ethos to this project to ensure it has the tiniest environmental impact possible. Not least of which, if for any reason this building has to come down, every single component can be put to use elsewhere.

+ Luis Garrido