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Ptuj Archaeological Museum, Enota, green roof, archaeology museum, natural daylighting, slovenia

The incredibly rich archaeology site of Ptuj has still an abundance of findings yet to be discovered, but the site needs protection and an upgraded infrastructure in order to continue. The museum site is located in between the monastery of the Conventual Franciscans in the east, the castle in the north, and the Dominican monastery in the west. A large swath of green in the east serves as a welcome break between the historic town and the newer development. Enota’s proposal seeks to expand the green belt over the entire museum, so as seen from above in the historic buildings, it is one large park.

Inspired by simple tent-like structures, the museum is covered in a giant draping green roof. Held up on the sides by glass walls, the interior is flooded with natural daylight and visitors of the museum can walk around the structures and peer in on the activity below. Construction of the museum must carefully be designed around the dig sites as well as the historical buildings to safely maintain the integrity of all existing structures. Excavation and archeological activity must also be carefully balanced as to respect the site.

Via ArchDaily