Most of the heat from a central heating radiator goes straight up to the ceiling, leaving you feeling colder than you should. Oftentimes, the air at the ceiling of a room can be significantly warmer than that around the sofa, and this causes us to run our heating hotter than needed (wasting both energy and money). The Radfan redirects this flow of air horizontally out into the room using a low-power fan unit that secures with magnets to the top of any steel panel radiator. It was invented by British Entrepreneur Roland Glancy to solve the problem of his wife always feeling cold. As a trained architect and renewables expert, he realized that all the heat was going straight up to the ceiling and not where his wife needed it. His testing conducted at the Salford University Energy House showed that by increasing air circulation from the radiator, the Radfan increased the temperature at sofa height by 33-36 degF at no extra cost. In fact, the Raffan saves between $50 and $212 per year at a running cost of just over $3 a year—this is also an annual carbon saving of at least 0.75KgCO2e. After a successful full launch in September 2013, the Radfan won the inaugural IKEA/Phillips EarthHack Sustainability Competition, fending off nearly 250 other entries from around the world.

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