Eco-conscious green transportation enthusiasts are in for a treat, as the world’s first 100% recycled bicycle comes onto the market.  Appropriately called ReCycle, the cool rides are made from used aluminum, and come in a variety of colors and styles, inspired by the global village in which we live. The brainchild of designer Bryce Edmonds, the ReCycle bike is the greenest ride on the road.

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Edmonds came up with the idea to create the world’s first 100% recycled bicycle thanks to inspiration from the “ingredients” listing on a recycled messenger bag, which he recognized as bike parts such as rubber and aluminum. Intrigued and inspired, he decided to use those materials to create a stylish and recycled bike.

The idea behind ReCycle is to further the message of green transportation, by reducing our waste and carbon output when buying a bicycle. With an approved prototype in tow, Edmonds has created a line of bikes for every cyclist, all from recycled and reused materials- all made in the USA. With world-class names like mBula (a cruiser), Moshi Moshi (a fixed gear bike), and Mudmaste (a mountain bike), there is a bike for every type of bike user- from leisure rider to off-road adventurist.

ReCycle has launched a Kickstarter campaign to drive up sales, and get enough orders to make the bikes affordable to produce. With perks like totally customized models, their campaign is a way to get your own totally recycled bike before everyone else!

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