If you’re a gamer who’s concerned about the state of the planet, have we got just the thing for you! Now you can send your old dusty video game consoles to a better place with the Reee Chair – an ingenious design by British company Pli. The seat and back of the Reee chair is made up of 100% recycled Playstation 2 console casings – so you can play your Playstation 3 while sitting on old Playstation 2s. Aaah the cycle of life…

£99.00 from Pli Design

We thought this brilliant design very timely in lieue of our upcoming event about Reclaimed Design this week. Each seat and back of the chair makes a new home for 2.3kg of used plastic, and the frame is made from powdercoated steel for strength and durability. The best part is that it’s designed for disassembly and further recycling. It’s also easily repaired or refurbished.

+ Pli Design

Via Apartment Therapy Via ShinyShiny