We know of many creative solutions for keeping houses cool in the summertime, but this is the first time we’ve seen a house with its curtains on the outside! Hertl Architekten added tall drapes to the renovated Aichinger apartment building in Austria in order to mitigate solar gain and ensure privacy. We’re guessing they come down in poor weather, but at all other times – in lieu of a permanent facade – the exterior curtains create playful geometric patterns and shadows.

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Hertl Architekten recently received The International Architecture Award – Chicago Athenaeum 2012 for their renovation of the Aichinger House. One of two bars from the original double-story restaurant was converted into two separate flats, the existing roof was removed, and a new external staircase was built to lead into the cellar and first floor. The curtains, which are light grey and especially ethereal at night when light issues from inside, wrap around the entire perimeter, giving the home a theatrical edge.

+ Hertl Architekten

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