Mongolia’s first wind energy project just switched online for the first time! The $100 million Salkhit Wind Farm aims to take advantage of the country’s high winds with 31 turbines, each capable of generating 1.5 MW. It is hoped that the wind farm will reduce dependence on coal fired plants and help the country transition to renewable energy sources.

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The $100m project consists of 31GE wind turbines, each of which has the capacity to produce 1.6 megawatts. The whole project can produce 50 MW, which is equivalent to over 5% of the grid’s entire capacity. Another 2GW of potential renewable energy production has already been identified to support the country’s vibrant expected energy growth. According to TreeHugger’s Chris Tackett, it is expected that the wind farm’s construction “will save the country 122,000 tons of coal, keep 180,000 tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere and save 1.6 million tons of water”.

The Salkhit Wind Farm site is situated deep in the Mongolian Steppe, around 70km south of the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia, which has traditionally been a country of nomads, is currently undergoing rapid economic and energy development. However this means that the country is primarily reliant on Russia’s energy resources and offset current coal-fired generation. Scottish-based renewable energy consultancy SgurrEnergy andClean Energy LLC collaborated during the project’s construction.

Neal Detert, project manager at Clean Energy LLC, said of the project: “As the first wind farm project in Mongolia, the Salkhit wind farm represents a true landmark for Mongolia, and the birth of a vibrant renewable power industry in the country. The SgurrEnergy team has been instrumental in realizing this project, providing professional and timely support from feasibility to due diligence and technical project management. We have relied greatly on the SgurrEnergy team’s experience and they have delivered.”

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Images by Sgurrenergy and Steven Buss