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Visitors to the Santa Barbara Auto Camp have the choice of staying in the “Anacapa”, “San Miguel”, “Santa Cruz”, or “Santa Rosa” trailers, all vintage Airstreams sourced from California and Arizona and renovated to include modern luxuries. Each suite offers a sleeping area, full kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor grill. Water filtration systems, coffee makers, flat screen televisions, and internet access keep the trailers up to date and on par with traditional hotel rooms. Two beach cruisers are included with all reservations allowing visitors to explore their surroundings.

Profiled on HGTV, the beautiful Santa Rosa is a 1973 Airstream Sovereign that sports Brazilian koa wood floors, hand-sanded birch wood interior panels, and recycled glass tile. All finishes are VOC-free, and low-voltage halogen lighting glows under the cabinets. White Corian counter tops are used throughout, and raw canvas upholstery covers the cushions. The bathroom amazingly houses a claw foot tub as well as a faucet/shower wand set. The queen, pillow-top mattress 1,000 thread count sheets, and down pillows make for a luxurious bedroom.

Hofmann acquired his first Airstream “on a whim”, a beater that he renovated and lived in for a year. He was attracted to the lifestyle that allowed him to get by with fewer possession, and the the new dynamism that enters personal relationships when living in close quarters. With such limited space, every element of the trailer had to be adapted to be used for more than one purpose, a challenge that he greatly enjoyed tackling.

To Hofmann, the Airstream is a perfect compliment to the town of Santa Barbara, a sort of “American Riviera” that attracts everyone from the glamorous Hollywood set to surfers and sun-seekers. The Central Coast is “..a place that also embraces simplicity. Airstreams blend this rich history with regular folks going back to the time thousands of travelers stayed overnight in Santa Barbara to camp in farmer’s fields and along hidden creeks during their trips up and down the Pacific Coast Highway.  The Airstream Auto Camp invites today’s travelers back into town to enjoy a genuine local experience, while protecting the fragile ecosystem surrounding area. The site of the Santa Barbara Auto camp honors the history and environment of this rural oasis along Mission Creek — beginning in 1922, and still does today.”

To make reservations and tour the Airstreams, take a trip over the the Santa Barbara Auto Camp website.

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