As Eric Clapton says, “travelin’ light, it’s the only way to fly.” Whether it’s a weekend business trip or a month-long trek into the jungle, the less stuff you have to carry the better. Finding a washing machine can be quite difficult on the road, especially if that road is a long way from civilization. The Scrubba, a crowdfunded product out of the UK, aims to put clean, fresh-smelling clothes into the hands of every nomad, whether they’ve got electricity or not. Scrubba is a portable wash bag made of lightweight material that can be folded and fitted into a large pocket or average backpack. Add just a little bit of water, laundry soap, and some elbow grease, and clean clothes are shake-and-bake away!

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Before every home had an electrically-powered automatic washing machine, most people used a washboard to scrub the scum from their dirty clothes. It was backbreaking work, but washboards were effective. The Scrubba is a 21st-century variation on this age-old technique. Simply unfold the bag and place soiled garments inside. Add 2-4 litres of water (far less than a conventional washing machine) and a few drops of washing liquid (according to the designer even shampoo or body wash works well). Seal up the Scrubba, and rub the outside of the device for around 20 or 30 seconds. Special nodules inside simulate the grooves of a washboard and help to separate your clothes from the dirt. Wring them dry and voila! You’re ready for the clothes line.

Although the Scrubba was designed with space-savvy travelers in mind, it’s easy to see that this device could be a blessing for those living in remote off-grid areas, or without power due to storms like Hurricane Sandy.

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