We all know that sharks are scary, but if you’re stranded at sea, dying of dehydration is an even more likely threat. Enter the SeaKettle, an ingenious design selected as a finalist in the Dyson Awards, which combines a liferaft with a desalination system in a way that made us exclaim, “Why didn’t we think of this?” Not only is the SeaKettle a solution that address two issues in one product, it could also very well save your life!

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The SeaKettle’s water purification process involves pumping water from the ocean up to a Gortex-covered reservoir, where it evaporates and subsequently hits the top canopy to condense, filling up four pockets on the raft with potable water. Since the cover over the reservoir allows vapor molecules to escape while retaining larger liquid molecules, the pockets of fresh water can’t be contaminated by the sea water. The whole process produces enough water for up to five passengers to stay hydrated.

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