Now that the futuristicSeaOrbiter marine vessel has successfully completed its crowdfunding campaign, the project is ready to enter the construction phase. The vessel is the brainchild of French architect Jacques Rougerie, and it will be the first vertical ship to navigate the world’s oceans. Thanks to their successful KissKissBankBank campaign, the team will soon be able to start building ‘the Eye of SeaOrbiter.’

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The project has been under development for over 10 years, and has been dismissed several times as nothing more than a dream. But after extensive research and thanks to a large community of supporters, SeaOrbiter is now close to becoming a reality. The project has been backed by some of the world’s largest companies -Rolex, Norwegian laboratoryMARINTEK, the TECHNIP and the DCNS, one of Europe’s leading shipbuilders.

Drifting on major ocean currents, the SeaOrbiter will be a 51 meter high vertical ship, with 31 meters submerged under water. It will generate necessary power through the use of solar panels, wind andwave power, and carry 18 to 22 people. The vessel will conduct analyses from depths of over 6,000 meters, and its mission is defined through five principles: explore, understand, solutions to emerge, alert and educate.

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