Did you know that the most important source of biodiversity on the planet – the rainforest – is being decimated so that you can have paper towels to wipe up? Did you know that the paper industry is the 4th largest emitter of greenhouse gases? Without those rainforests to suck up that extra carbon, we’re going to be in a bad state! Learn more about the Secret Life of Paper with Inform, Inc.’s informative and rousing video (after the jump).

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The video is part of INFORM’s Secret Life Series, which explores the environmental effects of everyday consumer items. The Secret Life of Paper details the environmental impact of the paper industry and suggests solutions to our paper consumption problem. It also addresses many complex questions surrounding paper recycling: Where does paper go when you recycle it? Why should you change your paper habits? What alternate types of sources are used for papermaking? What can you do to reduce your paper footprint? How do you recycle paper?

For more information, please check the official Secret Life Series website.