The Italians like to keep the design world on the edge of their seats—literally. The Sgabellissimo from Modoloco Design is a two-legged stool that becomes a small ladder when turned upside down. Teetering on the edge of dangerous, sitters need to engage some serious core muscles to remain upright. Using the Sgabellissimo as a ladder requires the balance of an acrobat, and one wonders if the piece’s designer was ever a fan of the circus.

sgabellisimo, modoloco design, stool, ladder, italy, milan, furniture

In a humorous diversion from their usual collection of chairs, tables, and interiors, the people at Modoloco Design proudly presents the Sgabellissimo, a two-legged stool/ladder that might need to be come with a consent waiver. Seriously testing your balance and sense of humor, the piece might be a something that fans of the Fliz Concept Bike might enjoy. Would you give the Sgabellisimo a try?

+ Modoloco Design