Rem Koolhaas has repeatedly wowed us with his unique buildings, but this one takes the cake. Designed in collaboration with Prada, the Transformer is a pavillion designed to accommodate an array of cultural programs and functions including art, architecture, film, and fashion. And because Koolhaas is never one to bow to tradition, his solution literally transforms depending on the necessary functions, changing shape like origami for different activities, events, and seasons. Koolhaas solution?

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Transformer will be built from a steel framed tetrahedron skinned in a plastic membrane. The tetrahedron is framed by four shapes: A hexagon, cross, rectangle and circle. Depending on the activity, whether staging a fashion show or showing a movie, the pavilion will be lifted, rotated on its axis, and put back down. For instance, when a movie is being shown, the floor will be the rectangle. When the fashion show is on, the cross might be more appropriate to accommodate a runway, and so on.

The shape-shifting building will be located in central Seoul, from the end of March to July 2009.  And given the short timeframe for the project as well as the somewhat excessive materiality, we can’t deny that the physics and concept make for a very intriguing architectural precedent.