The Sharpshooter electric bike from designer Jurmol Yao is designed as a modern green vehicle for the Coast Guard to get search and rescue teams to the water more quickly than a traditional bike. But when they get there, the Sharpshooter’s front wheel also doubles as a lightweight, throwable life preserver, and the bike pedals and back wheel serve as a winch for pulling the device and victim back to safety.

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We’re not sure how much we would like being hit by a bike wheel while drowning, but the Sharpshooter does offer a multi-functional replacement to older patrol and rescue vehicles in the Coast Guard’s employ and suggest other possible designs for multipurpose vehicles. We also love the photos of how this unique bicycle folds up. Check out the gallery to see the coiled cord stored discreetly in the back wheel, and a rendering of how the bike can be turned into a winch.

Via Yanko Design