If you thought vinyl was an outdated technology, then this record is practically from the Ice Age. The functional ice record was produced by the Swedish band the Shout Out Louds to promote their single, “Blue Ice.” They sent a kit to ten select individuals along with a set of instructions on how to make the album along with a mold and a bottle of water. Leave it to the Swedes to incorporate ice into their music!

As one of the coolest advertising gimmicks we have ever seen, the Shout Out Louds have released a record in collaboration with TBWA Stockholm made entirely of ice. In order to gain some attention for their newest single, aptly named “Blue Ice”, the record can be made by pouring water into a negative imprint of the master cut and left in the freezer for no longer than six hours. The frozen disk is then removed and placed on a standard record player. Aside from a bit of crackle and static, the album sounds surprisingly good, with clear beats and resonating vocals. TBWA experimented with a number of molds and liquids in order to achieve the right sound, trying to find how to minimize air pockets and how to get the needle to move smoothly over the tracks. They settled on distilled water and silicone cast.

Unfortunately, as soon as the record begins to melt, sound quality begins to diminish, so it would probably be best to get everyone in the room around the speakers to listen at the same time. Also, water tends to do a number on electronics, so a vintage turntable would probably not be the best choice for spinning the platter. To listen to a non-frozen version of “Blue Ice,” follow the link for a warmer rendition. The Shout Out Loud’s album, Optica will be released this February 26, 2013.

+ TBWA Stockholm

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