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Although the glass and marble structure is something of an engineering feat, the materials aren’t very soul-enriching, which is why MenoMeno Piu and BE.ST literally incorporated foliage into the design. This improves the ambience while also alluding to Italy’s rich agricultural legacy. This history is further celebrated on the fourth level, where a rooftop orchard and garden showcases some of the fruits and vegetables that have sustained generations of Italians.

The photovoltaic array will be built on top of a structural of cross beams that reinforce the glass walls at the rooftop terrace level, while the same cutouts that permit trees to grow through the pavilion provide a light funnel to ensure daylighting reaches the base of the pavilion. A gap between the base and ground level is a well-shaded circulation area that is kept even cooler with shallow pools of water that control the microclimate. World Expo 2015 is already gearing up to be an amazing event.

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