For most of us, it might be difficult to figure out what there is to see in a can of Spam. However, what there is to see through a can of Spam is an entirely different story. F295 user ‘underbyte’ has created a compact little pinhole camera made from the ham housing and a collection of household objects that he has dubbed the SpamCam. The whole contraption is complete with a square viewfinder and tripod mount, and is held together with little more than glue and a couple of rubber bands.

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The lens-less camera has a 50mm focal length, .3mm EMS Pinhole, and an image area of about 6 x 6.5cm. Underbyte used an old metal can of Spam for the body, and a hodge-podge of other items lying around to form the base, over-sized film advance knob, Holga Polaroid backing, and tripod mount. Everything is glued together with an enormous amount of epoxy and rubber bands. His finger or a bit of black tape act as a shutter for a roll of 120 film.

While its creator says, “It’s ugly, it scratches negatives, but it’s SpamCam!”, we would have to disagree and say that the camera is the most attractive a can of Spam has ever looked. For anyone interested in making their own DIY snack-inspired snapshots, check out a full set of instructions and pictures here.

Via Design Taxi