Those who strive to be eco-conscious in life can also leave a legacy of caring for the planet after they pass away. The Spiritree is a biodegradable cinerary urn that holds cremated remains of the departed and allows for the growth of a tree. Bringing new life out of death, the plant takes nourishment from the ashes and eventually becomes a monument to the memory of the deceased.

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The Spiritree consists of an organic bottom shell and a chemically inert weathering cover. The bottom piece contains the cremated remains, which are protected from dispersion by the topmost piece. The desired plant inserted into the urn draws upon the calcium-rich ashes of the departed, eventually breaking the ceramic base as it grows. The Spiritree is a poetic means of remembering the life of a loved one. It also helps to sequester carbon, and it eliminates the need for toxic embalming chemicals, resources harvested to fabricate a casket, or land required for a cemetery plot.

The Spiritree is one of a number of eco-friendly alternatives to burial, and it highlights a trend towards sustainability that honors the web of life. The urn returns the physical body to the earth, acknowledging an everlasting connection with nature, and the continuation of the human spirit.

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