So Bruce Wayne didn’t get to realize his dream of supplying Gotham with endless amounts of clean energy. Maybe he should have started smaller in his efforts to go green, like swapping out some of those gas guzzling vehicles for less carbon-intensive alternatives. If Batman was ever to give his fleet a green upgrade, we think the Bomber from the UK’s Stealth Electric Bikes would be the perfect addition.

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What the Dark Knight needs more than anything else is a vehicle that lets him move quickly without detection. Good thing silent transportation is a Stealth specialty. The Bomber features 4.5kW of electrical output on its own, giving it a top speed of around 50 mph. It also features pedals that allow the rider to give the engine a boost when more power is needed. According to the company, pedal power is transmitted via its unique nine-speed sequential gearbox, with stopping taken care of by progressive six- or eight-pot hydraulic disc brakes. This is perfect for Gotham’s crime fighter on the go, since there’s not always time to return to the Batcave when your battery’s low.

And if you think this bike looks far too heavy for Wayne when dressed up in the heavy Bat Suit, think again. The front suspension sports seven conventional dual crown forks that soak up bumps with ease and can be easily adjusted for varying terrain at the turn of a dial. The single pivot rear coil over mono-shock rear suspension is custom valved to iron out the back breaking bumps at the rear. With a simple turn of the compression and rebound dials, it can be adjusted for casual every day riding or more aggressive off road environments.

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