Divooe Zein Architects, woodland greenhouse, Taiwan, Siu Siu Laboratory of Primitive Senses, permeable structure, shelters plants and animals,

According to the architects, the lab aims to ‘explore the environmental transition between urban space and natural forest.” And they hope that local flora and fauna will creep into the open-ended 26-foot-high shelter, where they will help visitors to re-engage with the natural environment and their primitive senses. Made from a steel and wood framework, the building’s arch is covered with black agricultural nets that allow moisture and daylight to filter through the interiors.

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A wood and glass hut was placed at one end of the tunnel to shelter the reception space, showroom and toilet. Inside, the tunnel features wooden and poured concrete floors, vintage furniture and natural crafts—all immersed in wonderful woodland scents.

While the structure is not designed for people to live in, there are plenty of plants and the studio’s two cats, who are very happy with their new stunning home.

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Photos by Divooe Zein Architects