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the sugar lab, 3d printer, sugar, geometry, architecture, confection, los angeles

Founded by husband and wife team in Silver Lake, California, the Sugar Lab began as a novel way to produce a birthday cake for a friend that did not have to be baked in an oven. With a background in architecture and a love for geometry, they took advantage of a 3D printer to make custom sugar forms from scratch. Each piece is printed to order, and aside from being an original way to adorn a pastry or be eaten on its own, represents a shift in culinary trends. Along with molecular gastronomy, modern science is transforming how gourmet foods are being created and enjoyed.

The Sugar Lab’s intricate structures recall fine sculpture and ceramics that speak to the intelligence and skill of the minds behind the work. Completely perishable, it seems decadent to consume such a lovely creation. Somehow, it is a pleasurable experience to be able to eat a thing of art and satiating the eyes and taste buds at the same time. Seemingly more suited for a gallery or curio cabinet than a table, the Sugar Lab’s works are a highly refined way to play with food.