This new hanging tree tent lets campers avoid the rocky landscape by sleeping the night away while suspended from the treetops. The Sky-Pod is a cocoon-like tent with a suspension system that supports up to 550 pounds. Inside the webbed module, there is plenty of space for two people to lie down, sit and even stand up.

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View of a hanging tent against a forest and setting sun

Inside the Sky-Pod Hanging Tent

The design for the Sky-Pod has an interesting history. It was first conceived as a mobile hanging space for urban areas–a new take on public benches. Its bell-shaped frame takes its inspiration from the voluminous, semi-rigid petticoats of Victorian-era dresses. The design team made clever use of military surplus materials to create an urban cocoon with a wide base.

The original Sky-Pod as an art project display.

View of the floor latch that leads into the Sky-Pod Hanging Tent

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After years of tweaking the design, the suspended shelter was recently launched into the market. Geared towards campers, gardeners, and nature lovers, the tent is 7 feet wide at its base and 9 feet high. These spacious dimensions were strategic to let campers enjoy the comforts of sufficient sleeping room and the ability to stand up, something rarely seen in conventional tents of the past.

Two kids swinging in the Sky-Pod Hanging Tent

families enjoying the Sky-Pod Hanging Tent

The structure is also quite sturdy. Made out of aluminum-pole-reinforced, load-bearing webbing and mesh, the system is strong enough to support up to 550 pounds. Since it hangs from a single point, setup is easy and fast. The tents are accessible through a ladder that leads up to a floor hatch. They also come with a variety of covers, including a mosquito net and a weather-proof cover.

Of course, all of these unique comforts come at a fairly steep price. The basic Sky-Pod starts at $210, and prices can run up to $1,120.

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Sky-Pod Hanging Tent hanging from a tree

View from the inside of the Sky-Pod Hanging Tent

Man standing up in the Sky-Pod Hanging Tent

The cover of the Sky-Pod Hanging Tent