The Lightning Car Company is creating not only one of the best looking green vehicles, but also one of the most impressive feats of engineering beneath the hood. While most EV’s power up with lithium-ion batteries, the GT supercar runs on lithium-titanate — an even stronger and more stable energy pack. The car boasts a range of over 150 miles and can charge in only 10 minutes with an off-board charger. The special battery also allows for the same amount of power at any level of the battery’s extremely long life. That means a driver can zoom at 100 miles an hour on 100% battery or even 1% battery. With an impressive 0-60 time of under 5 seconds, it will be nearly impossible to resist the need for speed.

Just like most British luxury vehicles, such as Aston Martin and Bentley, this will be super exclusive car. With plans to only produce around 200 vehicles a year, this car will cost a pretty penny at over $280,000.

+ Lightning GT

Via Translogic