Much like a floating Club Med, “The Swimming City” by Andras Gyorfi could be the perfect solution for ocean-bound adventure seekers. As most of us have daydreamed about abandoning our complex land-ridden existence for the simple life at sea, Gyorfi – the winner of Seastead’s first design contest – has brought this idea to new heights. His design is playfully inviting, with many recreational facilities including a large swimming pool, outdoor amphitheater, helicopter landing pad, and shaded marina.

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Featuring soft earth tones and rooftop gardens, “The Swimming City” appeals to our childhood fantasies as well our current need for living an eco-conscious lifestyle. Around every corner, this fanciful city is chock full of surprising architectural details. Each area of the floating wonderland is easily accessed by beautifully landscaped walking paths, and the building’s windows vary in shape and size, adding to its unique character.

As for now, we can only imagine the stress-free adventure and exploration one would find aboard this island paradise, and we will be holding our breath for the day when This “Swimming City” blows the current luxury cruise ship out of the water.

+ Seasteading Institute

+ Pic Studio

Via National Geographic