Imagine owning an electric vehicle that you can assemble yourself in less time than it takes to put together an IKEA entertainment center. In an effort to make cars more accessible, affordable, and efficient, OSVehicle created the TABBY and Urban TABBY electric vehicle chassis. Available in two or four-seat versions, the DIY cars can integrate a hybrid engine or fully electric drivetrain and take only about an hour to construct from start to finish.

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The OSVehicles are capable of accommodating either a conventional combustion system, integrated hybrid engine, or a fully electric motor. With finished models possessing a price tag of only around $5,445 to $8,168, a new vehicle could cost a weekend mechanic far less than most kit cars or expensive repairs to an old junker.

The TABBY is OSVehicle’s original design, and while not street legal according to its current blueprints, it can be easily modified to adhere to local laws. The Urban TABBY is the fully compliant progression of the TABBY, and is equipped with all of the elements it needs to keep it within the limits of safety. Most importantly, the directions are available for download through the OSVehicle site, and can be tinkered with to satisfy just about any builder’s imagination. Parts for the TABBY are up for pre-order, and fully assembled vehicles complete with electric stock motors are expected to roll out some time around Spring 2014.

The OSVehicles not only make building a commuter vehicle affordable and interactive, but also helps to put the production of personal transportation back into the hands of the consumer. Learning how to assemble and care for a vehicle is a powerful and affirming skill for any car owner, and the promotion of a hybrid or electric engine could only help reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and toxic additives.  So, if you have a weekend, a garage, and access to a basic set of tools, why not build yourself a ride to work?

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