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The idyllic spring is a tranquil resort for visitors, yet its one drawback is the intense heat that rolls in from the West, which limited the time of year people could enjoy the springs. In order to combat this heat, a21 built a partial covering for the springs, which not only blocks direct sunlight, but also angles off rain, keeping spa goers dry and comfortable.

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The steep roof was made with a sharp angle on the West that meets the ground, acting as a direct block from the heat, preventing it from entering the building. Extending out of the rock, the roof acts like a structural wall, also helping to blend the building into the landscape. On the other side, the roof reaches out over the mineral spring and opens up into the lush outdoors. The wooden beams and panels are covered with a waterproof layer of coconut leaves, which further conceals the structure within the forested area. Other local materials were used to create the interior, such as dry stacked stones quarried on site to make up the floor.

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Inside, guests can enjoy the two level interior. A private bedroom on the second floor that overlooks the spring is capped with colorful glass paned walls upcycled from old buildings around the property. The bedroom is joined by a small dining area on the rocks, which creates a private area for relaxing when not enjoying the spring’s restorative properties.

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