It’s been an epic year for clean tech, green innovation and design – and as January 1st draws near we’re looking back at Inhabitat’s top stories of 2015! From inspiring hobbit homes and incredible transforming campers to nuclear fusion, shocking vitamin scandals, and the mysteries of sharkcanoes, check out Inhabitat’s most popular stories from the past year – many of which scored over 1 million page views. Which one was your favorite?

Which is your favorite Inhabitat story of 2015?

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Jon Stewart’s move into animal welfare, after his retirement from the Daily Show, was a perennially popular story in 2015, as was many of our articles about Tesla’s new home battery. Inhabitat readers also loved our stories about tiny home off-grid living, from Australia’s first “Carbon Positive Prefab Home”, which produces more energy than it consumes, to the incredible telescoping Beauer Camper, from the adorable Wohnwagon Mobile Caravan, to the awesome offgrid Eco Capsule. It seems like more and more people these days are fascinated with offgrid living. Among the more wacky popular stories, we had giant forest megaphones, volcano sharks and poop burger. What a year!