Toyota subsidiary Toyota Industries Corp. just set a new record for compressed air vehicles that proves this green technology really could be a viable option for powering production vehicles. The Ku:Rin compressed air vehicle set a new compressed air speed record of 80.3 miles per hour at the Japan Automobile Research Institute’s test track in Japan. Toyota says it will submit the results to the Guinness Book of World Records. Read on to learn how a car can run on air alone!

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It’s an air conditioning system, really. A reversed A/C compressor generates energy from the expansion of compressed air it pulls from the vehicle’s compressed air “fuel” tank. So why aren’t we all hopping into A/C-inspired air cars yet? After all, this isn’t the first air-powered car. Prototypes such as the MDI Air Pod pictured here have been working to make air cars a reality for years. Range anxiety strikes again. The Ku:Rin may travel at highway speeds, but only for two miles. Now there’s room for improvement.

+ Toyota Industries

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