The Movito is an eco-friendly electric scooter that recently took top honors in NASA’s Create the future Design Contest. Designed by Tai Chiem, the vehicle is propelled by a carbon-cutting in-wheel electric motor located within a modular base that can be detached to form a two-seat vehicle.

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Here at Inhabitat we’re big fans of futuristic prototypes, and any design that has received a NASA award definitely has our attention. The Movito consists of two modular parts – an upper scooter chassis, and a base that provides propulsion via an electric motor and rechargeable batteries. The use of an in-wheel motor allows the scooter’s chassis to be slim, smoothly sculpted, and exceptionally lightweight.

Since the vehicle’s propulsion system is designed as a self-contained unit, two bases can be detached and aligned in parallel to create a two-seater vehicle. The innovative electric scooters are intended for urban use and come complete with a gps system with a touch screen interface.

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