Walkolution, a German company founded in 2017 by Dr. Eric Sohngen and Frank Ackermann, created a non-motorized treadmill that can be used as a walking desk or an indoor exercise machine. The unique and stylish treadmills are used by corporate and private clients in over 40 countries. Walkolution aims to solve the health problems that sedentary work create.

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Three mean in suits walking on the Walkolution treadmill desk in a circle formation

A non-electric treadmill may sound simple, but Walkolution treadmills are made from proprietary technology protected by international patents. Even better, the treadmills are engineered and manufactured at Walkolution’s eco-certified production site.

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A Walkolution treadmill desk that does not require electricity

“It is obvious that we can only live healthy if the environment allows us to do so,” Walkolution said. “We have therefore committed ourselves from the very beginning to adhere to strict ecological guidelines for our products. For example, we heat our production halls with our own wood waste, we only use wood from sustainably operated foresters and we have also committed ourselves to the goal of planting one million trees.”

A woman walking on the Walkolution treadmill desk

Although many companies use waste products to make new products, Walkolution uses their own waste to replace traditional sources of energy for production. The company wants to illuminate on the health benefits of their treadmills for people while creating a circular economy for their production facilities.

“Sitting is the new smoking,” Walkolution said. Sitting has serious health consequences that include not only weight gain and back pain, but also significantly higher risks of cancer, heart attack, stroke, depression and even dementia.

A Walkolution treadmill desk sitting on a pedestal

How do you solve the problem when most modern jobs require desks? Walkolution Founder Dr. Eric Sohngen is a medical doctor by training and former practicing physician. The health problems brought on by sedentary work and lifestyle bothered Dr. Sohngen. As a result, he created a healthier workstation that allows people to work and stay healthy at the same time.

Dr. Sohngen built the first prototype of a walking desk when he was a medical student in 2006. He would go through 50 more prototypes before the first Walkolution treadmill desk went into production in 2018 in its current form.

Three Walkolution treadmill desks assembled in a circle

The Walkolution desks have been quickly adopted by industries where managers or employees are health-conscious and environmentally-aware. You can purchase a standard or soft-surface treadmill and create a connected laptop desk or optional back support.

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