It is all uphill from here with Brewers Ledge Inc.’s Treadwall M4 – a vertical treadmill for rock climbers! The climbing area stands at about 10’x 4′, and can be adjusted from +5 to -20 degrees to simulate ledges. The speed can be varied depending on level of expertise. Compact and constantly moving, the Treadwall offers unlimited climbing hold configurations, and can be set for simple or difficult terrain.

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Feeling like a long climb but afraid of heights? The Treadwall synthesizes the climbing experience by putting your local rock gym’s wall in motion. Both speed and wall angle are adjustable, letting the user set the pace and level of difficulty. The M4 comes with 30 holds, a floor mat, and a digital pace and distance monitor. The Treadwall is non-motor driven, so it is quiet when in use. The color of the wall is customizable for those who want to match the rest of their cross-training equipment. The Treadwall is also available in a 10’x6′ M6 model, and it can be purchased as a freestanding or wall-mounted unit. Extras include the Treadwall Trailer (which lets you take your wall on the go), casters for portability, a security system to keep the wall safe, and a weatherproofed exterior.

Price quotes for the Treadwall are available through the Brewers Ledge Inc. website.

+ Brewers Ledge Inc.

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