Nissan estimates that public electric vehicle chargers will outnumber gas stations in the United Kingdom in as little as four years, according to the results of a new analysis. The car company, which produces the affordable Nissan Leaf among other EV models, says that as prices on electric cars continue to fall, their popularity will soar even more. The addition of new EV charges, combined with gas station closures, will mark a shift in UK vehicle culture by the end of the decade.

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Right now, there are 4,100 EV chargers open to the public in the UK, and Nissan expects to see that number grow to 7,900 by August 2020. Although there are currently some 8,472 gas stations in the UK, market analysis actually predicts many of them to close. In fact, the number has been falling since 1970, when records show there were a whopping 37,539 gas stations across the nation. Over the next several years, the figures are expected to fall even more, partially in response to the rising popularity of zero emissions vehicles.

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By the end of the decade, Nissan predicts there will be fewer than 7,870 gas stations left. At that point, EV charging stations will edge out fossil fuel-based gasoline stations by a tiny margin. That will mark a tipping point for the automotive industry, suggesting a strong future for electric car sales in the region. Indeed, EV sales have been booming in the UK in recent years, with a growth of 366 percent in the first quarter of 2015, a historic spike. The trend is not expected to falter any time soon.

Via The Guardian

Images via Nissan and Zap-Map