When Clayton Tugonon set about creating his classy Una Cebu Car from locally sourced natural and recycled materials, he wanted to demonstrate to other Filipino designers the potential beauty and utility of their local resources. Modeled after a 1959 Porsche 356, Una Cebu Car’s dashboard is fashioned from a blend of sea shells, while the spiraling exterior is crafted from the stalks of coconut flowers — an abundant material in a country that produces 19,500,000 tonnes of coconuts each year. The car took roughly nine months to complete, and was debuted at least year’s Fame Exhibit in Manila.

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Tugonon is a furniture designer by trade, the president of Classical Geometry and a member of Filipino Design Group Movement-8. In an interview late last year he noted that other designers in the Phillipines often order timber from Myanmar, or veneer from Italy, while in his practice he aims to make use of recycled and natural materials local to Cebu. In doing so he not only showcases the local resources in beautiful, high end pieces, but he cuts down on the damaging environmental cost of producing and transporting lumber. Beyond cars crafted from coconuts, the designer has also fashioned lounge chairs from twigs and rattan round core, and lamps from surprisingly iridescent dried termite mounds.

The car’s designer believes that this is the first auto made from materials indigenous to Cebu, the principal city on an island 700 kilometers from the Filipino Capital. Given the novelty of the car’s fabric, it may be safe to assume that it holds a few other ‘firsts’, too.

+ Clayton Tugonon

Via Sustainable Cities Collective

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