Lately it seems that everyone is fixated on food — its production, its enhancement, its delivery and consumption, and ultimately our evolving relationship with it. Amidst this food frenzy, progressive designers have sought new ways to grow food easily and in tight spaces. The Urb Garden, designed by Xavier Calluaud, is a vertical garden outfitted with modular cubby holes and an integrated worm farm, making it a perfect all-in-one solution for urban gardeners. As an added bonus, when fully planted, the Urb Garden looks a lot like an attractive green wall.

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Designer Xavier Calluaud illustrates the Urb Garden’s simple step-by-step process. Scraps of food are deposited into the worm farm, creating nutritious fertilizer. Water is added and the liquid fertilizer is delivered to the plants via a drip system. The water drains down the tank and then is pumped back up to be used with the next batch of fertilizer. As the plants grow, modular bins are easily removed for harvesting and re-potting.

Modern society suffers from a lack of intimacy with its food, and the Urb Garden is designed to tackle the separation while also getting rid of the waste caused by commercial food sources. By growing food at home, consumers utilizing an Urb Garden can reduce their use of food packaging (by not buying their produce in plastic containers) and food waste (by composting and only picking what they are eating) in one fell swoop.

So if you live in a dense metropolis and are itching to rid yourself of the modern convenience of commercial food, the Urb Garden is sure to be a practical and eco-conscious answer to growing your own healthy produce.

+ Xavier Calluaud