Forget about getting around town on four wheels, three or even two – now you only need one, thanks to the Urban Glider! Designed by Austin Marhold, this tiny electric unicycle weighs just 24 pounds and it fits between your shins. It’s designed to be intuitive to ride, lightweight, and portable.

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With no seat, handlebars or conventional braking system, the Urban Glider seems to be targeted to athletes and thrill seekers. But Marhold says that almost anyone can ride it because it reacts to your body and is very intuitive to operate. The minimalist vehicle has a self-balancing 16-inch wheel, and it features fold-out platforms for your feet and softened silicone knee pads for comfort. Leaning forward engages the 1,500 watt electric motor and drives the wheel in that direction, while leaning back will cause it to slow and stop. Steering is controlled by a combination of twisting and leaning.

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The Glider has a carrying capacity of 260 lbs and can go more than 20 miles on a full charge, with a top speed of 13 mph. It is available in green, pink, blue and yellow and comes with a handle on top for portability. Marhold has built a few functioning prototypes, but has launched a Kickstarter campaign to start full scale production on the Urban Glider. If you pledge $999, you can get an Urban Glider shipped to you.

Via Gizmag