Sometimes carrying a bulky reusable water bottle can become a bit of a hardship, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could fold that eco-friendly container flat up once you’ve consumed its contents? Meet the Vapur, a colorful, flexible, and reusable water bottle designed for easy and convenient on-the-go use anywhere. Unlike traditional bottles, the Vapur is flexible, which means it can stand upright when full and it can be rolled, folded, or flattened when empty, easily fitting into pockets, purses and packs. This durable little bottle is also freezable, dishwasher safe and BPA-free, meaning it can be safely reused again and again!

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Not only is the Vapur bottle environmentally friendly, but the packaging of this product has been made from recycled paperboard and is printed with soy ink, using wind power for the printing process. Manufactured in the US, the Vapur bottle is lightweight and ships flat, which makes it a brilliantly efficient design on all fronts.

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