Architect Michelle Kaufmann has become known around the country for her innovative green prefab homes, and now the talented designer is launching a new line of green lighting products, starting with a brilliant 2-for-one vase lamp that holds flowers (or whatever else you want), while also lighting up your room in a sustainable, energy efficient way.

Kaufmann’s Vessel lighting sconce integrates a usable vase with an energy-efficient light source, conquering both decorating and lighting concerns in one fell swoop. Always looking for ways to be energy efficient, Michelle designed the Vessel to use either a long-life compact fluorescent bulb or LEDs. And thanks to the cool temperature bulbs, you can fill the lamps with water, flowers, bamboo, marbles and even fish, without the worry of a fire hazard.

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Vessel is produced in partnership with MK Designs and Flux. And if you hurry, there’s a special 20% discount for retail orders on the Vessel from the Flux website placed before this Sunday, August 26, 2007. The standard price is $295, and the first batch is set to ship sometime before October 30, 2007.

Thanks to Preston of Jetson Green for the tip.

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