Portable solar chargers are an amazing creation, and now you can have one that latches onto almost anything you carry! Voltaic systemsFuse 10W Solar Laptop Charger can attach to any technical backpack, panniers, or whatever else it can fit its flexible buckles around. The three 3.4 watt solar panels are lightweight, super-strong, and waterproof, so whether you are camping, hiking, or on any other adventure, your beloved devices will never be without power. Big enough to charge laptops of all sizes and versatile enough to accommodate tablets, iphones, cameras, and other handhelds, the Fuse 10W is the ultimate travel companion.

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The Fuse’s body is made of 600D shell from PET recycled soda bottles. It can handle all the elements while remaining light and easy to transport. The buckles are super heavy duty and can adjust to wrap around large and small bases, with crisscross webbing on the back for easy attachment. Just one hour of sunlight beaming down on the panels produces up to 30 minutes of laptop run time. The 60 Watt Hours battery, at its fullest capacity can fully charge a smartphone up to 8 times! The compact panel also zips open to reveal a padded sleeve for precious cargo and plenty of pockets for small pieces, like the 9 standard laptop adapters that are included with the charger. The Fuse is so soft, comfortable, and easy, you may forget you’re carrying it!

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+ Voltaic Fuse 10W Solar Laptop Charger

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