Where there’s smoke there’s heat, and Point Source Power has figured out a way to harness that heat to charge your cell phone. The company’s new VOTO charger converts the heat generated from a fire to create power. It’s an amazing solution that could provide a power source for those who live in areas without power and backcountry campers alike.

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According to Point Source Power CEO Craig Jacobson, 1.5 billion people currently live without electricity. Many of these people also have cell phones, which they have to take to central charging locations in town. That means being without their cell phone for a day or so, depending on how long the line is for charging. It can also mean a lot of time and energy wasted just to get a cell charge.

With the VOTO, these people can harness the heat that is created when they cook their dinner over a fire to charge their cell phone. The charger also features an LED light that can provide 30 hours of illumination when fully charged. The VOTO is also a great option for campers and hikers. The LED light can be used to illuminate a camping area at night and the charger will keep your phone ready to go in case of emergency.

The charger works using a fire-activatedfuel cell, which sits just below the charcoal or wood in the fire. The charger’s handle extends up and out of the fire, so it can be easily gripped. Two cooking sessions are enough to fully charge a phone. It’s a clever way to utilize energy that would otherwise go to waste.

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