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Wall of Zudaji, 403architecture, recycled materials, reclaimed wood, leftover materials, scrap wood, wood shed, japan

403 architecture is based out of Hamamatsu City, Japan, and the firm has completed a number of urban projects, apartment remodels, and other projects involving wood. As a result of their work, they were left with a lot of wood scraps, which they thought to save in hopes of reusing them. A restaurant near the architect’s office requested a storage shed, thus giving the firm an excuse to make use of the leftover materials. The shed was built with reclaimed shipping pallets and scrap wood from other 3 projects, “the floor of Atsumi,” “the grid of Santen,” “the difference of Ebitsuka.” The shipping pallets were deconstructed and used to build the frame of the shed, while the scraps were used to fill in the space between studs.

Gaps were left in amongst the scraps to let light filter through either in during the day or out at night. To keep the structure weather proof, clear polycarbonate material are screwed on to the outside, and the roof is covered with corrugated sheets of zinc-coated steel. The Wall of Zudaji is at once a rustic shed made from recycled materials, but also a commentary on use of material resources. There are many wooden shipping pallets laying around, and stores often times have difficulty in getting rid of them. This project was a perfect way to make use of extra material and ensure minimal waste throughout all of their projects.


Images © kentahasegawa