Bill Gates isn’t the only Microsoft exec to focus on energy innovation. About a decade ago Microsoft Chief Strategist and Chief Technology Officer Nathan Myhrvold left the software giant to found Intellectual Ventures, which has recently spun out nuclear power startup TerraPower. TerraPower has developed a nuclear reactor design that can use waste uranium as a fuel source.

We took a tour of SunPower’s factory and snapped these pics of solar panel trackers, production, panels and operating systems.

There were some big moves this week by some of greentech’s startups that want to go public. Electric vehicle maker Tesla priced its IPO at the high range, which means that its bankers think it can do pretty well in an IPO. But at the same time solar panel maker Solyndra, which President Obama visited last month, ditched its plans to IPO, saying the public market conditions aren’t good enough.

Belkin’s has been churning out consumer electronics chargers that kill vampire power and this week unveiled four new additions to its Conserve line of power-saving devices. Three of them — a power strip, mobile device-charging station and wall socket timer that help save on standby or wasted power — look a lot like the existing Conserve power strip and surge protector for offices.

In the race for Governor in California candidate Jerry Brown unveiled his plan to create 500,000 green jobs.

We love this John Stewart video montage of how ineffective U.S. policy, and presidential proclamations have been around energy independence and foreign oil.

If you heard about the massive lithium deposit find in Afghanistan, here’s our take on who really wants their hands on it: China’s electric vehicle players.