London-based designers Marjan Van Aubel and Jamie Shaw have developed an intriguing material that can be used to create sturdy, lightweight furniture from waste. Their Well Proven Chair, which looks rather like an amorphous, organic mass mounted atop four wooden legs, is made from the new moldable material, which is made from wood waste and bio-resin.

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Van Aubel and Shaw noted the high percentage of timber waste that is created when processing raw wood into usable products, and began to investigatd ways in which to utilize the excess material. What they stumbled upon was a reaction between wood shavings and bio-resin, during which the mixture expands by up to five times its original volume, resulting in a strong, lightweight material. The foam-like compound, with the addition of color dye, takes on an exuberant and colorful form.

The material will be subjected to Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), an assessment technique for measuring and comparing environmental impacts of manufactured goods. The Well Proven Chair will be launched at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, in September 2012.

+ Marjan Van Aubel

+ Jamie Shaw

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