When it comes to hoverboards, we’re beginning to feel a bit jaded: we’ve been promised so much and yet we still don’t have a single working board to show for it. Nevertheless, the technology seems to be steadily moving in the right direction, so we can’t help but keep dreaming the hover dream. Now, one California couple says the the wait is over – the future is here. Jill and Greg Henderson say they have developed a working hoverboard.

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Using a principle based on electromagnetics, Greg designed a board that hovers using the same technology that makes maglev trains hum along. The board floats along just an inch off the ground, but Greg explains that it is just the first step in revolutionizing transportation technology.

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“The hoverboard is just the first step, it’s a proof of concept,” Greg said. It’s “the simplest way of demonstrating our technology in a way everyone can understand.” 

Unfortunately, right now the board can only hover over metals like copper or aluminum, so you would only be able to ride it in a specially-created arena, but in the future, the Hendersons believe that you will be able to float over ground or even water. Right now the project is raising funding at Kickstarter, which gives early adopters the chance to jump on what could be a the first working hoverboard.

Via Motherboard

Images via Hendo Hoverboards