What has nearly 100,000 LEGO pieces, spans nearly 2.5 miles and can be used to transport a Lilliputian army? The world’s longest LEGO railway, of course! On May 10th and 11th, Lego enthusiast Henrik Ludvigsen and 80 friends got together in Denmark to assemble the longest LEGO track in the world, and for their troubles (which sound like a lot of fun), they received the Guinness World Record.

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The track took six hours to build and required 93,307 LEGO pieces, which Ludvigsen and his helpers sourced from their own collections. Ludvigsen also sent out a call to fans for even more pieces, which were sent in from all over the world. Working with 80 fellow LEGO lovers, Ludvigsen then assembled the pieces in a winding track that transverses 13,24 feet, or nearly 2.5 miles. Once the track was completed, it took four hours for a train to complete the journey (imagine the scenery on that train ride), at which point the project was awarded the Guinness World Record.

Ludvigsen got the idea for the lengthy project after noticing how many LEGO rail pieces he had in his own collection. So he decided to reach out to others using to see just how far the idea could grow.

via Gizmodo